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November 7,2022

What is Life like for Indians in Portugal? Interesting Facts about the Indian Diaspora

By trivialchapter| Immigration Visa

The Indian Diaspora in Portugal is quite strong, with the latest survey showing around 85,000 people that are immigrants and folks who can trace their roots back to the Indian subcontinent. Lisbon and Porto, understandably, are the two biggest hubs of the Indian community in Portugal. Still, a sizeable population…

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October 27,2022

Portugal visa from India: What does one need to know to get started?

By trivialchapter| Immigration Visa

Portugal is one of the most toured countries in the world. Every year millions of people travel to Portugal, either to spend their vacation with their loved ones or even for employment or business opportunity, as Portugal is well-renowned for its immigrant-friendly culture. So, is it any surprise that thousands…

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October 26,2022

Opportunities for Expat children in International schools: Central Portugal

By admin| Immigration Visa

Expats from across the globe have discovered many reasons to make Portugal a home specially in the Centralregion. The quality of life and work life balance is top notch and now their concern about child’s education isalso being taken care of by the top-tier international schools.Most families worry about their…

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