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December 2, 2020

5 Popular Immigration Myths That Are Just That

By trivial chapter| Immigration Visa

Emigrating to a more lucrative country is commonplace. It is just that it’s becoming difficult as the generations pass. With new rules, changes in mindset, and the difference in political opinion, the world is an ever-changing place. However, immigration is and will never be something people do not do anymore. We all know someone in our friends and extended families that emigrated from one country to another.

We have a certain amount of fear and a general idea that emigration has its share of problems. Unfortunately, emigrating is romanticized in the movies and become plot points, so there are many misconceptions about it. If you are from Asia or India, you know this Sanjay Dutt movie ‘Naam’ about a man trying to get into a country illegally. Some other films in the eighties and the nineties glorified the myth of bogus travel agents and fake job rackets in foreign.

These myths are dangerous, as they stop populations from moving on to a better life. Here are some myths that people believe in and lose out on the best thing that can happen to them.

The Whole World is a Dragnet of Crime

Action movies of the nineties popularised this myth because they wanted a script that had crime and foreign locations. So, we grew up thinking that every country had drivers in inconspicuous cars at the airports, waiting to prey on young and old and drive them off to a location unknown. One cannot deny that criminal elements exist all around the world, but common sense tells us not to go anywhere with strangers- even in our area, city, and country! Also, any person or family emigrating will have a complete system in place and will make all efforts to stay inside it, so to say. So, we will leave international kidnap and rescue bids to where they are best settled – on the silver screen.

The Police Is on Perpetual Crackdown Mode on All Kinds of Immigrants

Illegal Emigration is a headache – and it is a headache for all nations, poor as well as the rich ones. Yes, there is a dedicated department for illegal immigrants, but there’s no country with an All-Points Bulletin at all times, looking to swoop down on immigrants of all kinds – in other words, nobody’s going to put you in an unmarked car and haul you to deportation just because you look different.

You are ‘Inside’ a Country

Nothing can be farther from the truth. If international travel were a hassle, the movie industry would not be living out of a suitcase. Almost every country – apart from the usual suspects – have open borders, and it is not a daunting task to communicate or travel between countries. Also, legal immigrants have access to a robust legal system that supports them all the time.

Immigration is Expensive

There are costs to immigration, yes, but if you do it right, the amount will be exactly right and very much affordable. For example, do you know that you can immigrate to a country and become its naturalized citizen if you can show that you can start a business and give employment to ten people? And you get the money invested back as well, after a certain period? With the correct support and information, immigration becomes a concrete process that is just a matter of dedication, time, and a little bit of money spent.

There’s No Support

If you plan to immigrate, you are not on your own. Several organizations and companies offer you well-informed and complete support to meet your dream of settling in a country of your choice and preparing a future for your children and family. These organizations do not just act as travel agents. They give you end to end support for emigrating from your country to the country of your choice.

These are five myths that you should not believe if you are looking to emigrate. Yes, there are some risks to emigrating, but there is nothing that you cannot handle with informed decisions and research.