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Portugal immigration services in India

February 13, 2021

Expat’s Guide on Visa Application for Moving to Portugal!

By trivial chapter| Immigration Visa

Obtaining a visa is always the most tiresome job when someone is planning to make his move to relocate in Portugal. With a lot of things to keep in mind, immigration to Portugal never seems as easy as it may sound. If you are planning to stay for a short span of time in Portugal, it is always advisable to check all the requirements in advance and this will somehow make your move easy.

In almost all cases, the visa is required to relocate to Portugal and exemptions may also apply to the passport holders. Certainly, it makes the process of immigration a bit tough. However, you don’t always need to feel stressed about the process, as you are fortunate to seek benefits of portugal immigration services in India.

Since the purposes of moving to Portugal may be different than just attaining permanent residency, calling experts for help is indeed the best way to make the job somewhat convenient.  If you are interested in moving to Portugal, you should be aware of certain things.

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What Types of Visas Are There?

Generally, people don’t pay attention to this question especially when they are in the rush of obtaining a visa to enter Portugal with least possible hurdles. And this could be possible only if you know what types of visas are there and which will work for your purposes.

  • Work Visa

Work permit is available for transferred workers, employees, and self-employed individuals. The work visa is also required for those, who are involved in teaching and other highly qualified activities.

  • Student Visa

Whether it higher education or university studies, a student visa will be right for you. Even volunteers and trainees should go with a student visa.

  • Investing

Being an entrepreneur, you might be interested in expanding your business overseas. Business mergers in portugal should avail visa assistance to make investment easy.

Immigration specialists can give you a better understanding about the visa that you need to apply for. People across India always look for an opportunity to expand their business in foreign countries. Whether it is about your short stay or extended visit to Portugal, making the right choice on visa seems necessary.

Before submitting the visa application, you should understand what type of visa will fit your case. The immigration consultants will handle the entire process and guide you over what will be right for your situation.

A Quick Glance at General Conditions for Visa Applications

Entrepreneurs, who are desperately looking to take their business overseas, can obtain visa assistance. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, you are required to submit a set of necessary documents. Here is a list of documents you need when applying for a visa for Portugal.

  • The application form should be filled with accurate and updated information.
  • You will be required valid travel documents that accompany by passport photograph.
  • The applicants are also required to provide proofs such as return ticket and ticket of hotel reservations.
  • A travel medical insurance which is valid required and must cover the duration of your stay.
  • Other documents that support your purpose of the stay in Portugal are also required.

Please note that the purpose of visiting Portugal is different and this is why you should consider visa application accordingly. If the reason for applying visa is business in Portugal, the process is quite different and also a bit tricky. To make the process easy, you should consult with the best immigration consultants. Search around and find the best consultant, who can answer your queries and make your process of visa application easy. Moreover, immigration consultants will serve you with ease and boost your chances of approval without any doubt.

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