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December 2, 2020

Laid-back lifestyle perfect for slow-living

By trivial chapter| Immigration Visa

Portugal offers all of the commodities of modern living, but it also maintains a very simple joy for life.

That small village feeling of belonging is still very common, and life in Portugal is made of simple pleasures. From enjoying delicious food to appreciating nature, every aspect of the Portuguese lifestyle was designed for slow-living.

Village life for Portuguese families gravitates to the local coffee shop and restaurant, simply referred to as “o café”, where villagers will meet to catch up on local gossip, read the newspaper and discuss football.

The “café” is an intrinsic part of Portuguese life, so much so that it is often said: “Where there are 5 or more houses you’re guaranteed to find a café.” Cafés also double up as a restaurant, often a family business with mum or gran in the kitchen cooking real home-made meals and the rest of the family taking care of the front-of-shop.