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December 2, 2020

Portugal: A Lucrative Business Opportunity Waiting for You

By trivial chapter| Immigration Visa

Setting up a business in any country has its fair share of dots and dashes to cover. But what matters is the returns that you get after going through all the hoops of setting up a business in a foreign country. Some countries are famous for their food, others are popular for their art, so on and so forth. Today, people looking for a better, more comfortable life can immigrate to any country in the world, as the options are several. The country of Portugal is one of them. Here are five simple reasons why:

It is a Tourism Spectacle:

Portugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe. Its origins date back to the 10th century. So, several ancient structures are tourism spectacles. Any country that has a successful tourism industry is a great business opportunity. From simple businesses to accommodations to slightly complicated ones like the restaurant business – Portugal is an excellent option for all.

Lucrative Market for Innovative Products:

Portugal has a high living standard and promises a luxurious life experience for anyone who decides to live in the country. it has a GDP per capita of 77% of the EU28 average. High living standards and a developed country mean that Portugal is a lucrative market for new businesses, startups, and innovative ideas in every sphere of business. Since 2011, it has fallen a bit in terms of richness, but it is still one of the most developed countries in the world. In 2016, it had a surplus. The average salary in Portugal is 910 euro and the minimum wage is 635 euros.

A Luxurious Life:

In 2005, Portugal was the 15th best place to live in the world. Research shows that Portugal is ahead of other technologically advanced countries like Germany, France, and South Korea.

Home to Global Brands:

Portugal has technical prowess that few possess. It is home to brands like Volkswagen and Peugeot. The automobile industry is one of the major industries that give rise to some secondary and tertiary industries as well.

Big on Industries:

Portugal has the perfect mix of small and large businesses. It is the largest supplier of copper and supplies tungsten, tin, and uranium majorly. It is also turning out to be a major supplier of lithium. If you are looking to invest in the metals market, getting inroads into the Portugal market makes sense.

A Welcoming Culture:

Portugal is particularly welcoming towards the LGBTI community. It now has a non-discriminatory clause and has also added sexual orientation to the Constitution. It has legally adopted same-sex adoption and same-sex marriage back in 2010.

Big on Tourism

Portugal is home to some popular tourist locations as well. People interested in ancient architecture and the quaint lifestyle of a Portugal village routinely visit the countryside. Countries like India, which were Portuguese colonies once upon a time, have tourist spots in the country that are popular for the Portuguese architecture and props.

Some of the popular tourist spots here are Algrave, Nazare, Oceanario De Lisboa, the Furnas Lake, the Peneda-Geres National Park, and many more. When the tourism market in a country is lucrative, it creates several business opportunities.

These are some reasons why Portugal is a major lucrative business opportunity today. The country welcomes immigrants. If you are looking for a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle and looking for options, make it a point to check out Portugal.

Immigrating to another country and setting up a business there is not difficult but you need to go through the correct channels that give you the correct information and assist you to set up a comfortable, luxurious life in Portugal.