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September 20, 2021

What Are The Major Reasons of Portugal Visa Rejections for Indians?

By trivial chapter| Immigration Visa

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it would not be a surprise if you are planning your visit to Portugal soon. Portugal also offers an excellent opportunity for business owners who want to enter the European market.

Now, one might ask why that is the case, and the answers to that are pretty simple. First, Portugal is part of the Schengen Zone, which allows free movement of people without any restriction. Second, for business owners, Portugal is an excellent place for one to invest as the startup atmosphere there is still in its infancy. This could allow businesses to gain a foothold in Portugal and expand into Europe without facing any issues.

Of Course, Visa Rejection is Pretty Common

But before you go and apply for Portugal Visa in India, there is something you should know. If you are not careful, your application could get rejected immediately. There are thousands of visa applications that don’t get approved every year because of minor mistakes. A single cancellation could set your Portugal mission back months, perhaps years. So, it is always better for one to make sure that their visa application would not get rejected immediately.

Let’s Have a Quick Look at Some Common Reasons

Following are some of the common reasons for a visa application to get rejected. You should give them a thorough read to ensure that there is no issue with your visa application. Here are some of the reasons that could hinder your visa application:

1. Lack of information

This is one of the most common reasons for the rejection of Portugal Visa India for many applicants. For a country to allow a foreign national into their shores, they need to make sure that the applicant is not dangerous. And for that, they need to verify the applicant’s basic information. But if the embassy/consulate cannot do that, then they reject the application. Rejection of application does not mean the applicant cannot apply again. But they should fix their background before applying again.

2. Criminal records

The criminal record of the applicant, both past and current, is one of the first criteria that a consular officer checks. Suppose the applicant has a criminal record that could deem them a threat to the population of Portugal. In that case, there is a high likelihood of the application getting rejected immediately. Although the consular office only considers severe criminal cases and not minor civil ones.

3. False travel documents

Falsifying documents is another reason for the rejection of the Portugal visa India application. The authorities’ double checks and triple-double checks every document submitted by the applicant. To get a visa application approved, one has to pass a stringent vetting process. Fake travel documents would not help the applicant. In fact, it could start criminal proceedings against the applicant.

4. Insufficient explanation about the purpose of visit

In the visa application, an applicant has to explain the purpose of their visit to the consular office. It is a crucial step in the visa application process that one should not do halfheartedly. European countries, including Portugal, have a strict protocol that a traveler must follow in their country. If the applicant is traveling to Portugal on a business visit, it would be wise to mention that on their application. But stating the purpose is not enough. The applicant must also show documents to support their claim and attach them with the visa application.

5. Invalid passport

Yes, it is also a common mistake an applicant makes during their visa application process. A valid passport is vital for one to travel to Europe. Here are some criteria that could disqualify an application.

  • An expired passport. Passports have validity, after which one must renew them.
  • No blank pages in passport. There should at least be two blank pages in the passport.
  • The passport does not have at least three months validity after the return of the applicant.
  • The passport is older than 10 years.
  • Damaged Passport.

6. Reference

There might be only a few situations where a reference matter more than in the visa application. If you want a successful application process, you must present a formal letter of reference with your application. The formal letter of reference must be dated within three months of the application. And the author issuing it should also attest to it.

7. Invalid Travel Insurance

For those planning to travel to Portugal and adequate travel insurance is a must. Failure to provide supporting documents in respect to that could lead to application rejection. Not only must there be travel insurance, but it should cover every member of the traveling party for the complete duration of their stay.

8. Unable to provide proof of accommodation

Another factor that the application agent considers is whether the applicant has a place to stay in Portugal. A hotel reservation or a letter by the sponsor would suffice here and easily get your visa application approved.

Final Words

Many reasons are there behind the rejection of your Portugal visa application. When you want to apply for a Portugal visa in India, you need to take care of the points mentioned above. These points will help you figure out your reason of rejection for a Portugal visa. Therefore, know all the points and understand why your visa application gets rejected. Then, start working on the major causes and strengthen your chances of getting a Portugal visa.