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What lures migrants to relocate to Portuga Why should you think about it

December 21, 2021

What lures migrants to relocate to Portugal? Why should you think about it?

By trivial chapter| Immigration Visa

When it comes to prime destinations for migrants for relocation, one among the top choices of every individual planning to migrate in the coming future is Portugal. Now, this may come as a surprise to many, with countries like the US, UK, and Gulf countries widely considered as the top choices for people, looking to migrate, especially those from the Indian subcontinent. Portugal is an excellent choice for migrants, no matter their economic background and especially for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business into Europe.

But in reality, what is the reason behind Portugal going up the charts? Why are people choosing Portugal over more developed countries like the US, UK or a wealthier country like the Gulf nations?

There are several reasons why one would choose a cosmopolitan move to Portugal. Here are some of the more common reasons for the same.

  1. Warm climate

The climate conditions of the country one in migrating into play a crucial role in impacting the final decision, and in such comparisons, Portugal stands heads and shoulders above the rest of its competitors. Portugal has a fairly warm climate, and even though it varies by the regions as South Portugal is more arid, rainy northeastern region, and the northwest with its long and warm summers, the temperature remains moderate throughout with average daytime temperature (Lisbon) in August at 27.8 degrees and in January at 14.7 degrees.

Another reason for Portugal’s warm climate is due to its geography, which is the reason why Portugal often sees regular sunny days throughout the year.

  1. Safety

Portugal is a low crime rate country and is among the safest countries for one to reside in the world. Global Finance magazine ranked Portugal as the 3rd safest county in its annual list, one up from the previous issue. If you are looking for the safest country to immigrate to, Portugal is indeed the best choice for you. Since Portugal is the 4th most peaceful nation in the world, people consider it an incredibly safe country to relocate.

  1. Economical Cost of Living

Compared to several European countries, the cost of living is significantly lower, which is another of the reasons why it is a more favorable option for many migrants. Even in the neighboring countries of Austria, Spain, and Switzerland, the cost of living is anywhere from 5 to 15% higher. And even though the cost of living in Portugal is 60% more expensive than in Russia, it being a member of the European Union seals the deal for many migrants.

  1. Free & Quality Education

Portugal has constantly ranked among the top European countries in terms of quality education, especially in the secondary and higher education segments. The country is renowned for providing free and quality education to children till 18 years of age. A graduate from any acclaimed Portuguese university is recognized in the European Union, which instantly boosts up their chances of finding work not just in Portugal but in the wider European Union zone.

But that is not all as in conjunction with quality education facilities, the courses in Portugal are pretty affordable as well. For instance, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Coimbra could cost around €6,000, which is pretty affordable and makes a lucrative option for migrants who have young families and are planning for the long-term future.

  1. Free Healthcare

Portugal is one of those countries that have free healthcare for its residents, not just the citizens. Not only is medical care in Portugal available to everyone residing in Portugal free of cost at public hospitals, but you can get access to affordable medication as well.

In the case of private clinics, one can easily opt for an affordable health insurance policy that would cover a large part or, in some cases, the full cost of the treatment. Portugal spends around 9%  of its annual GDP in providing its residents with quality healthcare services, and that is why it ranks so highly among migrants.

  1. Tax Benefits

The Portuguese government allows foreigners with residence permits to obtain an NHR (Non-Habitual Residence tax status), which exempts them from paying taxes on income earned abroad, albeit it must be taxed at the source. In simpler terms, one does not have to pay tax to the Portuguese government on an income earned from another country if it has already been taxed at its source country. This NHR status goes a long way in reducing the tax an investor has to pay in Portugal. Additionally, the income tax of skilled professionals in Portugal is significantly lower than the rest of the European countries, around 20%. And even though one has to meet several requirements to obtain NHR tax status, it is highly beneficial and is valid for up to 10 years.

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