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Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Job Seeker Visa of Portugal and it’s benefits -

  • No IELTS required
  • One can get Citizenship within 3 – 5 years
  • Portugal is the Best country in Europe and Worldwide to retire
  • Ample family benefits from the government on receiving of the work permit
Job Seeker Visa Portugal

Job Seeker Visa: Portugal

The Job seeker visa of Portugal was introduced on 31st October in the year of 2022.

As the name suggests this visa is for one to enter a country in search of a job. If one has the Portugal job seeker visa, then one is allowed to enter and reside in Portugal for 120 days or 3 months. During this period you can undertake work or employment related activities or until the time period one is granted a residence permit. This period can further be extended by 60 days with conditions.

Portugal is one of the best countries in Europe and the European Union.

1). Portugal is the4th Safest country in the world. Live quality, peaceful, zero crime and pollution-free life in Europe (As per Global Peace Index, 2020 Portugal Rank No. 3 peaceful country in the world).

  • Best in Class infrastructure in line with EU standards
  • Get Social benefits - Free and excellent education system. Free and modern national health service
  • Traditional and unique cultural heritage. Varied and delectable food and wine. Perfect weather throughout the year. Well-connected public transport
  • All under the European Residency Program can avail of Mortgages from European banks. Mortgage starts at affordable and low rates.
  • All Temporary Residency holders have Visa-free travel to all 26 Schengen countries.
  • You can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) and Citizenship with a Portuguese Passport after 5 years of stay (As per Passport Index 2021 Portugal's Passport Power Rank is 6th in the world and the applicant gets access to 187 countries visa-free
  • Highest percentage of salary increments
  • Progressive Working Environment
  • Average earnings per year EUR 30,000/year


With the job seeker visa you are entitled to enter and stay or remain only in Portugal for the sole purpose of searching for job.

You have the visa for a period of 120 days and you can get it renewed for another 60 days. It allows only one entry into Portugal.

Once you are issued this visa it supposes the attribution of a date of scheduling in the competent services, within the period of validity of 120 days of the visa, and it allows you, after the formalization of the employment contract throughout that period of stay, the right to apply for a residence permit. In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, you need to meet the general requirements outlined in article 77 of the Law.

If the job seeker's visa has expired without finding employment or initiating the process of obtaining a residence permit, the visa holder must depart from the country. After the expiration of the previous visa's validity, the applicant can only re-apply for a new visa application for this purpose one year later. To extend the job seeker visa, the visa holder must provide evidence of registration with IEFP, I.P., and a statement affirming that the planned stay's conditions remain the same. The statement's validity will be assessed based on the reasons that warranted the visa's issuance.


You need to have a 15 years + education period. A Bachelor’s degree is needed You need to show evidence of having sufficient funds to sustain and live You need to have Health insurance There is no requirement for IELTS You need to have authenticated travel reservations and tickets You need to have a stay / accommodation in Portugal


Two identical passport-type photographs of the applicant in good condition must be submitted, along with proof of legal residency if applicable. The Immigration and Border Services (SEF) may require a criminal record inquiry, which is not applicable for minors under sixteen years old. Applicants over sixteen years old must provide a criminal record certificate from their country of nationality or any country where they resided for over a year. The certificate must be authenticated with a Hague Apostille or legalized. Additionally, the applicant must present valid travel insurance covering necessary medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation, and a copy of their return transport title. Proof of financial resources equivalent to at least three guaranteed monthly minimum salaries is required, unless waived by presenting a term of responsibility signed by a Portuguese or foreign citizen with legal residence authorization in Portugal. The signatory of the responsibility term must prove financial capacity of at least three times the value of the guaranteed minimum monthly salary.

SPECIFIC DOCUMENTS Declaration stating the conditions for the expected stay. Evidence of presentation of a statement of expression of interest for registration in the IEFP (EN)/ (PT) / (FR) / (ES). PROCESSING TIME It usually takes 2-3 months to process a Portugal Jobseeker Visa. However, based on the situation, such as the stage of the year, if all your documents are in order, etc., it may more time. Therefore, you must apply around a month ahead of your intended travel date, but not before three months.