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Portugal is a European country that is located on the Iberian Peninsula in the Southwest part of Europe. The population of Portugal is estimated to be about 10 million and according to the statistics, the main religion in Portugal is Roman Catholicism. The official language is Portuguese. Portuguese nominal GDP per capita is estimated to be 23.385 USD. The Official currency of it is Euro (EUR). Portugal is a member state of the European Union and was one of the original member states of Eurozone.

The Non-EU and EFTA nationals who are moving to Portugal for more than 3 months will need a long-term Portuguese residency visa to have an opportunity to later apply for a Portuguese residence permit. Immigration policy in Portugal includes an international agreement with non-EU countries, likethe United States, Canada, Australia and other, which allows nationals of those countries to enter and stay in Portugal for 90 days and within a given six-month period without needing any kind of visa for Portugal.

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Why Should You Consider Visiting Portugal For Work?

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula present in South Western Europe. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on its southwest size and is filled with greenery. The place also shares its eastern and northern borders with Spain which makes it a perfect destination for tourists. There are also a lot of people who have settled in Portugal from various corners of the world. This is because it is not that difficult to obtain a Work Permit in Europe and with our help, things become all the more simple. You will also get numerous investment opportunities in Portugal.

Portugal experiences a temperate climate throughout the year which makes it a suitable destination for settling. The place is also known for its cultural and architectural heritage. It is a highly developed country and maintains really good living standards. The advanced economy has also attracted people to Portugal. You will not find it really difficult to get a job in Portugal. You can also connect with the Best Work Permit Consultants in Portugal India to help you out in this process. You can get in touch with us if you want to set up your own business in Portugal. We will also help you out in finding investors for your business so that you have no difficulties in making connections in a new place.

Portugal witnesses a lot of festivals throughout the year. This will provide you with an amazing source of entertainment. You will have a lot of things to do throughout the year. You will also be amused by its scenic beauty. There are a lot of palaces and castles in Portugal. The Algarve is another popular destination. Portugal is also known for its beautiful beaches and tourist spots.

If you want to move to Portugal by maintaining all the proper legal procedures, then you will have to abide by the requirements laid out by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service. The requirements will depend on the purpose of your visit to Portugal. The citizens of Schengen countries will be able to travel to another country without a passport. They will only require an identification document in order to enter the country. If you wish to remain in Portugal for a longer span of time, then you will have to acquire a residence permit. This can be done by getting a job in Portugal starting a company or start investing in something. You can also connect with our agents for European PR.

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Immigration Services

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries to live in Europe with enhanced quality of life. We understand, you have a dream and your family deserves a better life.
We are serving in immigration to Portugal since 25 years for many families because Portugal offers -

  • A Quality life
  • Family reunification
  • Safe & secured future
  • Zero pollution
  • Free Education and medical facilities
  • Low mortgage to buy home

We are one of the top immigration services providers in Portugal since last 25 years.
We are a group of Entrepreneurs & Business owners from Portugal who are successfully running Hostels, Language school in Lisbon & Cost De Caparica, with more than 25+ years of experience in setting up businesses under Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. Established in the year 2008, with the aim of providing services related to Business Investment, Business Setups and Immigration Services with the help of European Lawyers. Trivial Chapter has helped many global investors who have successfully opened their businesses, such as Hostels, Retail, Saloon, Electronic shops as well as high end boutique shops in prominent parts of Portugal.

Lawful immigration

In order for the immigration to Portugal to be lawfully correct, we follow the given requirements laid out by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF). There are several possibilities, depending on the purpose of your visiting the country. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel to one country and another without a passport. They only need identification document required to enter Portugal. For immigrating to Europe and residing in Portugal for a longer period of time – residence permit needs to be acquired, which can be obtained by getting a job in Portugal, making a company, starting a study or investing.

Our other services includes –

  • Business Investment in Portugal
  • Business Setups in Portugal
  • Immigration Services in Portugal
  • Business Acquisitions in Portugal
  • Business Mergers in Portugal

Immigration law

The main immigration laws for immigrants from non-EU states in the Portuguese Republic are the Portuguese nationality act that regulates access to Portuguese citizenship that is gotten through from a Portuguese parent, naturalization in Portugal or marriage to a citizen of Portuguese. Nowadays Portuguese nationality law from the year 1981 have changed: a shift occurred in years 1975 and 1981, which resulted in making it very difficult to access naturalization to first generation migrants, and their children and grandchildren. In recent time, Portugal created Golden Visa Program that provides a way for non-EU residents to gain residence permit there.

Immigration statistics

Since the year 1990, new waves of immigrants came from countries, like Ukraine, Brazil. Those communities nowadays also make up the largest groups of immigrants in Portugal. Other large groups are Romanians, Moldovans and Chinese

Most popular cities by population

Lisbon is the most popular city by population in Portugal. The next largest cities by population are Porto and Amadora.

The population of Lisbon had large growth rates form years 1500 to 1700. Lisbon has around 517 802 inhabitants within the administrative center on the area which only comprises an area 100.05 km small.

Migration in and out of Schengen area

The Portuguese Republic is a member state of the Schengen area. All countries of the Schengen Agreement have abolished passport and immigration control at countries common borders and for travel between member states. Member countries accept Schengen visas issued by other Schengen states. At the external borders when the first entry to the Schengen area is accruing, regular immigration control procedures are applied.
Third-country citizens holding long term visas may stay in the Portuguese Republic for more than 90 days within a 180-day period.

Types of visas in the Portuguese Republic

If staying in Portugal for a short period of time that is under 90 days, a third-country national or Non-EU citizen must apply for one a visa in order to make the visit legal. According to some of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF), there are several different types of visas, which must be acquired depending on circumstances

A-visa for Airport transit The visa is issued for travelers and visitors for transiting by airplane Passport copy is required and plane tickets
C-visa Short stay visa The visa is issued for short term stay in Portugal or transit used for business purposes and tourist purposes A certificate from your employer stating/allowing your business travel, invitation letter, bank statement, Memorandum and Article of Association in a certified copy of the original is required
Limited Territorial Validity (LTV) visa Allows traveling only in Schengen state and issued for emergency situations A local medical report, a medical attestation from the hospital or doctor in Portugal, confirming the date of your appointment as well as your medical situation and a receipt of medical fees is required
Portugal Temporary stay visa and resident visa These types of visas are given for various purposes to stay for 4-month period or longer Medical documents for health purpose, transfer proof for traveling purposes, employment proof for working in Portugal and other, but for a residence visa, there is needed self-employment or job proof, education proof and other

Residence permit

European Union and EFTA and also non-EU residents can apply for permanent residence in Portugal after five years. Application for permanent residency to Portugal has to be made to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).
Foreigners can try to apply for Portuguese citizenship after six years of residence in the country so there are many chances to live in Portugal and acquire a Portuguese citizenship and residence permit. Currently, the Portuguese Golden Investor Visa program offers residence permit acquisition on one of the following grounds:

1. Property Investment solutions are:

Applicants may acquire property valued at 500 000 EUR or more, or
Applicants may acquire property valued at 350 000 EUR or more for properties more than 30 years old or located in urban regeneration areas designated for refurbishing, or
Acquisition of property fitting any of the above requirements with a 20% reduction on the minimum amount of investment, if purchased on a low-density population area (400 000 EUR or 280 000 EUR).

2. Capital Investment solutions are:

  • Applicants may invest a minimum of 350 000 EUR in research activities;
  • Applicants may invest a minimum of 250 000 EUR in the arts or in the reconstruction or refurbishment of national heritage projects;
  • Applicants may invest a minimum of 500 000 EUR for shares in investment funds or venture capital;
  • Applicants must create 10 or more jobs.

Did you know this about Portugal?

  • #1 out of 68 countries for Quality of Life and for Feeling at Home (Expat Insider 2019)
  • #2 In migrant integration (Migrant Integration Policy Index 2015)
  • #3 safest country in the world (Global Peace Index, 2020)
  • #3 ranking in most powerful passports worldwide (Passport Index 2020) – US passport is ranked 20th
  • #5 out 125 countries for Tolerance of Minorities, (2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index)
  • #12 out of 100 countries in the EF (English Proficiency Index 2019)
  • #25 out of 161 best countries to do business (Forbes 2019)
  • #32 out of 129 countries for global innovation (Global Innovation Index 2019)
  • #34 out of 141 countries for global competitiveness (Global Competitiveness Report 2019)
  • nearest European country to the U.S.
  • FDIs between U.S. and Portugal is at a historic high
  • cost of living is one of the lowest in Europe
  • around 300 days of sunshine per year

world’s strongest passport; Portugal ranks fourth

The Passport Index, which compares access granted by the passports of 193 member countries of the United Nations, considered the New Zealand passport as the "most powerful" in the world, having visa-free access to 129 countries. Japan is in second place with a score of 128, alongside Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, South Korea and Australia. Sweden, Belgium, France, Finland, Italy and Spain come in third place with a score of 127. Portugal occupies the fourth position, with the Portuguese passport giving access to 126 countries.

Thinking of Visiting Portugal this Holiday? And worried about Visa and Passport?
Get all details regarding travelling to Portugal, as below -


Portugal or we can officially say that Portuguese Republic is a very beautiful country which is located mostly on Iberian Peninsula which is in Southwestern Europe. Being bordered on its southwest side by the Atlantic Ocean, and also sharing its north and eastern region borders in Spain. It makes a perfect destination for thousands of tourist to visit here. On the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is the oldest nation state and its also the oldest in Europe.
Portugal also has a very pleasant Climate. It enjoys a warm temperate climate with wet winters, dry summers, and the highest temperatures averaging above 21degrees Celsius.
Portugal has left an avid cultural, architectural and linguistic impact or influence across the whole world, with a legacy of around 250 mil people of Portuguese speakers and many Portuguese-based creoles. Portugal is a very developed country with high living standards and has a very advanced economy.
Trivial Chapter is a group of Entrepreneurs & Business owners from Portugal who are successfully running Hostels, Language school in Lisbon & Cost De Caparica, with more than 25+ years of experience in setting up businesses under Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model.
Established in the year 2008, with the aim of providing services related to Business Investment, Business Setups and Immigration Services with the help of European Lawyers.
Trivial Chapter has helped many global investors who have successfully opened their businesses, such as Hostels, Retail, Saloon, Electronic shops as well as high end boutique shops in prominent parts of Portugal.

Why Visit Portugal?

Because Portugal has it all! It has Historic Cities, some of the best world-renowned cuisine, picturesque natural landscapes and also last but not the least, some world-famous beaches. Some of its Beautiful locations are:


It is situated in the south of Portugal and its famous for its beautiful beaches.Praia do Amado, which is on the Costa Vincentian, is a best-known surfing beach of Portugal. Mainly big waves have attracted international body boarding and surfing competitions, it is also a family friendly with sand dunes, cliffs, rock pools at low tide and its own surf school. Nearby is the wide sweep of Praia de Bordeira which is one of the most spectacular beaches in Portugal which have limestone cliffs, swathes of sand dunes, great waves and 3km of golden sand. You can wind surf, surf or body board at Praia do Martinhal in the Bay of Baleeira, near Sagres and then have some delicious oysters and garlic prawns at the wooden restaurant behind the sand dunes.

Castles and Palaces

Portugal has a lot of Palaces and castles that you can visit. On the central western Portuguese coast, there are the forested hilltops and opulent castles and palaces of Sintra. Most fantastical of these is the glorious, colorful and majestically styled Palácio da Pena. This palace was built for Ferdinand II in the 19th century as the summer residence of the Portuguese royal family. Nowadays it is used for any state occasion in there. Among the other seven wonders of Portugal the mixture of Gothic, Moorish and Renaissance mash-up is often considered Romantic which was built during the 19th century. The Castelo dos Muoros was built during the 8th and 9th centuries which is a Moorish style castle and it contains some amazingly well preserved towers.


It is also called the Venice of Portugal. You can aboard in the small boats which are called barcosmoliceiros and explore the city via the waterway on the city. It is a town lying on the edge of a vast lagoon in the sub-region of Portugal. An early morning or an evening ride on one of the traditional barcosmoliceiros will give you the best views of the town and the São Jacinto Nature Reserve on the salt marshes. Also there is a live fish market and the 15th-century Convento de Jesus has a large museum which you can also visit.

Chapel in Evora

The “Capela dos Ossos” or (Chapel of bones) is located in Evora, Portugal and it is one of the best known monuments of Portugal It is situated next to the entrance of Church of St. Francis and the structure is like a small interior chapel. It is called “Chapel of Bones” because the interior walls of the chapel are covered and decorated with skulls and bones of humans.

The Great Destination of Festival

Portugal during the Summer time means festivals and they are most enjoying and funny. The end of the academic year is marked by the celebration in the towns of Coimbra and Évora. There is also some music festival in the country that includes the Sintra Music Festival, and the Indie music Festival Sudoeste.

Visa and Passport details

Now as all the details about the country is shared above, now remains the most important question regarding what documents are needed? Where should you apply? We have explained each and every thing needed for an individual to reach Portugal.
Now for travelling outside your country you must have two important documents that is

  • Passport
  • Visa


If you are having Passport then its good, but if you don’t, follow the below steps to successfully get your passport

  • Visit
  • Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal. Click on the Register now button on the Home Page of the Page.
  • Login to the Passport Seva Online Portal with the registered Login Id.
  • Click "Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport" link.
  • Fill in the required details in the form and submit.
  • Click the "Pay and Schedule Appointment" link on the "View Saved/Submitted Applications" screen to schedule an appointment. Online Payment has been made mandatory for booking appointments at all PSK/POPSK/PO.
  • Online Payment can be made using any below options:
  • Credit/Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa)
  • Internet Banking (State Bank of India (SBI) Associate Banks and Other Banks)
  • SBI Bank Challan
  • Click the "Print Application Receipt" link to print the application receipt containing Application Reference Number (ARN)/Appointment Number.
    Note: Carrying printout of Application Receipt is not mandatory. The SMS containing your appointment details is also accepted as proof of appointment during your visit to Passport Office.
  • Visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)/Regional Passport Office (RPO) where appointment has been booked, along with original documents.


If you are having Visa then its good, but if you don’t have , follow the below steps to get your Visa successfully.
For Applying, following eligibility criteria must be followed for the participants

  • Passport of the individual should have been issued within the previous 10 years.
  • Passport must contain at least 2 blank pages.
  • Passport should have at least 3 months validity from sate of arrival back in India
  • The Applications are accepted only within 3 months of the requested date of arrival
  • All the Relevant Forms and Photographs required.

Application Procedure:

  • The VFS Portugal Visa Application Centers will accept the visa applications from all the nationals, who wishes to travel to Portugal. VFS will be submitting all such visa applications to The Embassy of Portugal located in New Delhi and The Consulate of Portugal in Goa.
  • For applicants applying at VFS Mumbai and VFS Pune towards the Consulate General of Portugal, Goa please note:-On the Portal das Comunidades Portuguesas Visas website applicants must select ‘Apply for a visa’ option to initiate the Online form filling process.
  • At the end of completing the Online Visa Application Form you are required to select a ‘date’ on the Portal das Comunidades Portuguesas Visas website. Please be informed that this date on the visa application form should be the same date on which you will be wishing to submit your visa application at VFS Mumbai or VFS Pune and can be selected when scheduling your appointmenton our website according to your choice.
  • Important note to agents: Please keep in mind that the Processing time will be 15 calendar days (including day of submission at VFS). Please keep in mind and note that the applications submitted to other VFS-offices than New Delhi will take another two days due to postal delivery, until and unless extraordinary circumstances are demonstrated and approved by the Embassy. For applications that get submitted in Mumbai to the Portugal Consulate in Goa, approximately a minimum of 15 Calendar days is required (excluding the VFS handling time) before the date of travel. Failure to comply with the above application procedures will be met by a warning. Repeated misconduct may result in cancellation of an agent’s authorization.

The Submission of Visa Application and collection of passports can be done by the below given processes—

Submission Process—
  • The Applicant Himself or Herself
  • Any Travel Agents or Representative who is coming to submit the application must carry a photo id of himself and an authority letter from the applicant if and only the applicant has got his biometric recorded for Schengen Visa.

Passport Collection Process---

The Candidate or applicant may choose courier delivery or counter collection as a mode of the passport collection. As per the instructions from the Embassy, Any third party collection of passport or documents is not permitted.
But exception can be made in the following scenarios:

  • Immediate Family Member only allowed (I.e. Parents, siblings, children) – Relationship proof must need to be furnished at the time of collection
  • One member of the group who can collect for the entire group
  • A person collecting on behalf of Government officials, only if the authorization letter is on the Government letter head.
  • Any Company Representative should present the –Authorization letter on the Company letter head and also the official ID card of that company

If any one of the above comes for passport collection, then they need to carry the following documents:

  • Original ICR
  • Passport copy of the Applicants
  • Authorization letter from the applicant is required. (If one of the members of the group is collecting the passport on behalf of the entire group – then the authorization letter from all the other applicants is mandatory)
  • Clear photocopy of the Government ID card will only be accepted at time of passport collection (e.g. PAN Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID Card)

It is mandatory to mention that the applicant’s personal address on the covering letter on which passport has to be couriered. Applicant's passport will not be couriered to their travel agencies 'addresses as directed by the Embassy, It must be couriered to the respective applicants address. Note the following points:--

  • In case of a business applicant, if the applicant wishes to receive the passport to his/her office, then the same needs to be mentioned in the covering letter and the applicant’s office address must needs to be mentioned in the courier request form.
  • For application withdrawal cases, the passport needs to be collected from VFS Global only.

Embassy of Portugal requires a minimum of 15 working days for visa processing after the application reaches Embassy. Please do keep in mind and note that applications submitted to other VFS-offices than New Delhi and it will take another two days due to postal delivery. For the applications which gets submitted in Mumbai to the Portugal Consulate in Goa, an estimated minimum of 15 Calendar days is required (excluding VFS handling time) before the date of travel. Applications that are accepted at The Portuguese visa application centre will get submitted on the next working day to the Embassy. In case if an application needs to be referred to The Portuguese Immigration Service, the processing time can prolong. If it seems necessary,the Immigration Services shall hold the right to prolong processing time.

Collection of the processed passports from the VFS Portugal Visa Application Centre(s) can be achieved on all working days from Monday to Friday except on holidays. Applicants can instantly check the status of their application online by clicking on

  • Track your Application
  • By sending an SMS to VISA____PT____passport number to 57333. There is no need to follow up with the Embassy or the call centre to ascertain when the passport will be returned.


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