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We’re in-country for you and your candidate.

  • Our teams aren’t virtual, they’re real. We’re on the ground, ready to help you and your in-country team members anytime.
  • When you work with us, you work with the experts
  • Globalization Partners is three times the size of our nearest competitor, so we’re able to solve problems in-house, answering all your labor law questions without delay.

We have our own entities in place around the world for you.

  • We’re all set up in-country so you can hire.
  • With full end-to-end control, we don’t have a fragmented approach like our competitors, who rely on third-party providers.
  • We have compliance on lockdown. You manage your business while we manage the risk.

Our technology puts everything in one place.

  • Manage international headcount without the international headache – from any device.
  • Goodbye email, so long spreadsheets. Streamline international hiring, onboarding, and the entire HR administrative process with one dashboard, and no hidden fees.
  • Our technology makes it easy for you to generate a locally compliant employment contract to hire anyone, anywhere, anytime.